Be My First-Ever Career Coach, Or Refer Me To One
June 10, 2019 7:52 AM

I am currently an office manager in a job that is on the lower end of "meh". However, it will get me to the point of being debt-free in one year's time, so I'm staying with it for that long, and will start looking for a new job then.

But it has hit me today - since I'm already thinking of a job switch in a year, that gives me a year to prepare myself for something that could be better than "meh". Or, even better than "office manager."

The problem is that a decade-plus of living with debt and underemployment has trained me out of evaluating a potential job on any scale other than "what's the salary", and inexperience with job hunting has made me unsure how I can evaluate my own skills (I just always did temp work). There's also a little bit of self-esteem issues and "I don't really know how to figure out my own skills and what I can do with them", and a long time reliance on the "I'm a [blank] with a day job" model that isn't cutting it any more.

In short - I'm going to be at a big transition point in a year and I want to better prepare for it and start working towards it now - see what skills i need to polish, see if there's a certification I need - so next year I can launch into a better career.

Seeking someone who can help me figure this kind of crap out. I can pay, but not thousands of dollars. I figure all y'all know me too and can help me brainstorm.

payscale: let's talk
job type: contract
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