Data Work Part Time - 20 years enterprise experience
November 5, 2017 1:30 PM

I have been a high paid little c consultant for almost 20 full years and have experience in very large systems and system data. I am looking to solve data issues for part time work. My rate will be negotiable and we can work out a payment structure that is fair to both sides.

I am not looking to contract out for you or through you. This will be a direct relationship.

Some of the systems and frameworks I know (not all listed)
Ms sql
(All other sql engines really)
FoxPro (you will need patience it was over 20 years ago)
Ms office (excel and access)
I also know any relative enterprise/legacy code from VB to, c#, interfaces in SOAP/rest etc

I will not do free work and can only work remote at the moment.

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