Manuscript Evaluation and Developmental Editor
August 10, 2017 1:05 AM

You’re on the second (or seventh…) draft of your book. You’ve ‘shopped the hell out of it and even incorporated some of your best friend’s feedback. But you know it could be better still. Or maybe you’re in the planning stages of your next book and want help clarifying plot, outlining narrative flow, and building characters. Or perhaps you’ve finished your best draft and want feedback on the best places to inject foreshadowing, suspense, tension, and thematic depth.

If you want editorial support for any of the above…
+ Manuscript Evaluation & Revision Letters - I analyze all narrative elements of your story so your revision is strategic and effective.
+ Developmental Editing - I wrangle your new project to structure the work ahead yet retain your ambitions.
+ Book Mapping - I highlight narrative gaps and opportunities for polish by creating a map of your story.

(If you’re having trouble staying energized about the writing process, I can help with that, too. Writing support will get your butt in the seat and improve the quality of your work.)

My background is in creative writing, journalism, and coaching/ project management. My passion is reading and critical analysis. My loves are sci-fi and speculative fiction, travel and adventure writing, creative nonfiction, memoir, and erotica. I help new and emerging writers improve authorial choices by analyzing and evaluating narrative structure, character development, plotting, and other story-telling techniques. I represent both the reader’s and the author’s interests through the editing process, providing neutral but clear feedback. My goal is to make sure your manuscript amplifies your unique voice, your intent, and your skills.

See Rough Draft Editing for more information. Member of the Editorial Freelancers Association.

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