web developer and/or video editor at an NBC/Universal owned cable TV network
March 26, 2007 3:19 PM

A major cable TV network owned by NBC/Universal is seeking one or two interns for the summer semester. The positions are unpaid, but you will get college or graduate school credit, and a foot in the door at a great TV network and a really great place to work.

You'll get a lot of hands on experience with what it's like working in a digital media group at a network, and get to see your work make a real difference to our websites and online video offerings. We have a lot of projects on our plate -- new website features to build, new shows launching all the time, bugs to fix and tech support questions to track down, message boards to (lightly) moderate, online webisodes to cut and encode, reality show contestants to interview on camera for online bonus content, production company tapes to log for our tape library, photo galleries to cut and resize and upload, 50+ blogs to publish and oversee -- and not nearly enough people to do them!

We can split this internship into one web development focused internship and one video editing focused internship, or we can grab one or two "jack of all trades" people. It depends on what skills you bring to the table.

Things we're looking for, video-related:
- Final Cut Pro experience a BIG plus
- ability to operate a "prosumer" level video camera and audio equipment
- familiarity with podcasts, audio encoding of WAV files to MP3 format, creating ID3 tags for MP3's
- familiarity with both Mac's and PC's

Things we're looking for, web-related:
- HTML, XHTML, XML knowledge
- CSS knowledge, including positioning and not just text-formatting, and some knowledge of CSS hacks to get around IE's long-standing issues.
- web standards, semantic code, accessibility issues, separating layout from content using XHTML + CSS, how to position content on a page without using tables, how to create appropriate headings and page structure, etc.
- Movable Type v.3.2+ and its major plugins
- Adobe Photoshop experience
- Macromedia Dreamweaver experience
- basic PHP
- basic MySQL queries
- familiarity with both Mac's and PC's

The internships are for any three days of the week, with relatively flexible hours, as long as Wednesday is one of the three days. THE INTERNSHIPS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR COLLEGE OR GRADUATE SCHOOL CREDIT. If you're interested, please respond with a short cover letter and a copy of your resume ASAP.

payscale: College or grad school credit for internship
job type: internship
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