Agent for the Homeless in Chicago
November 9, 2016 8:41 AM

Hi there, I am trying to help out a homeless person and get them set up to be self sufficient. I have some extra money, and ideas, but not enough knowledge and not enough ability to do it myself.

My idea is to get him a reliable car so he can work, doing Lyft or food delivery or whatever he feels like doing. Along with this would be housing, food, cleanliness, and all that other stuff that goes along with living in civilization.

I have talked to a couple dedicated services that do these things but they have limited availability. I want to pay you to help him out, be his agent, which includes knowledge about how to navigate the various paperwork feifdoms out there to reacquire things like his drivers license and things like that. You don't need to know everything about every little agency, but I would think a general knowledge of the system and ability on how to find out what specific requirements things need will be best. If you were able to drive him to different places to get what he needs that would be great, otherwise I can do this.

I will pay you whatever you feel is fair for your labor and expenses. All fees or charges that are needed will be paid for by me. Maybe we can work out some kind of retainer, where I pay you a lump sum and you pay said fees from there. We can work it out.

Things that need to be done, roughly in order of most pressing on down:
- Drivers license. He knows how to drive, claims a decades old DUI but otherwise no other impediments to getting relicensed.
- Housing. He has intermittent housing with family now, but not reliably. He currently lives in Garfield park, Madison and Pulaski, but is not necessarily tied there. Perhaps more expensive but regular temporary housing at first, then a less expensive apartment later.
- Knowledge. He is not very good with technology, and would need to learn to use his phone more proficiently to use different driving labor services. I was thinking a basic community college course or other private computer proficiency course.

Once we get these balls rolling, and he is able to start earning income. I would like to keep you on to figure out anything else we need, on the same terms, but this would not be required.

Thank you for your help, and any ideas or suggestions are welcome.

payscale: see description
job type: part-time
posted by Evilspork to Human Resources

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