Offering Services As Grant Writer
April 20, 2016 11:28 AM

Hi, everyone.

I've worked as a professional writer for four years. Journalist, content writer, magazine contributor, and blogger. I need a change of pace.

It would be nice to get into the field of grant writing, but my experience doesn't fit. Extensive reading about the subject has left me with a basic idea of how to prepare grant documents and appeal to federal/private donors. Now I need real-world exposure.

To gain experience, I want to partner with a few nonprofits and write some grants as a volunteer. A search in my surrounding area has left me wanting, so I'm reaching out to this online community for pointers and help of any kind.

I would love to speak to you about your own organizations that could use an extra set of hands. It would be just as helpful to speak to seasoned professionals about the experiences they had when getting started.

I intend to offer my skills as a writer to any respectable group that expresses a need for grants and a willingness to collaborate with me.

My location in eastern Virginia could rule out many chances of meeting in person. I am available through Tox, Skype, phone, etc. to chat about the particulars of any position. Please send a MeFi Mail for first contact. I will feel more comfortable providing personal contact information to individuals rather than posting it here.

You can take a look at my resume here (direct link to PDF) and some past articles here. I can provide further, more recently updated samples to anyone who is interested.

Thank you.


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