amazing nanny available in DC metro area!
July 12, 2014 7:59 AM

Loving, responsible, experienced nanny in DC/MD available! Twin/share experienced.

Our nanny Maritza, who has lengthy experience with infants, toddlers, twins, and shares, is available for a new family or families this summer or early fall, now that our son is headed to preschool. Maritza has taken wonderful care of our son, both alone and in a nanny share. The real proof is in the way he runs to her in the morning with a huge smile and hug, and the frequent comments I get from friends and neighbors about how "I saw your nanny in the park - she's great!"

Maritza is responsive and loving, understands the needs of babies and toddlers, and is sensible, careful, energetic, and proactive. I always felt like I could rely on her completely to take care of my baby, which is an awesome thing for a new, working mom!

One of my favorite things about Maritza is that she is a very active caregiver. She's always out with the kids on walks, music class, library story times, play dates, and in the park. Your kids will get a ton of outdoor time and exercise with her, as well as exposure to enrichment activities. At the same time, she'll prioritize good naps and good nutrition, balancing fun with structure.

Since Maritza is a responsible, organized person, this translates into being good at setting and keeping schedules for the little ones, and communicating with parents about their days. With appropriate guidance from the parents, she'll help figure out eating and sleeping schedules. This is a great quality especially in nanny shares, as she capably balanced the needs of two children and two sets of parents.

As an employee, Maritza has been excellent. She was rarely sick, very punctual, and always cooperative and easy to give direction to. At the same time, she was also able to do her job proactively without having to get detailed instruction or be micromanaged.

Maritza is a US citizen with a drivers license who speaks fluent English, and would also be happy to speak Spanish if that's what you prefer. She used a mix of Spanish and English with our son, and he's a chatterbox now.

Maritza can be reached at 301-408-6023. You can also contact me with any questions.

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