AppleScript Help for Nonprofit Community Radio Station
July 7, 2014 7:57 AM

The nonprofit, community radio station for which I volunteer needs the help of someone with more AppleScripting skills than my colleague or I have.

The issue is that on the occasion that we lose power in the station (or any restart for that matter), the system is set to start up all the applications we need to record programs and to broadcast our stream using Nicecast.  The problem is that Nicecast will switch to port 8001 when we need it to run on port 8000.

So my colleague attempted to write a script to run the terminal command lsof -i:8000 on startup to check if there are any processes running on port 8000.

The script isn't working, and so we are looking for help.

What we’d like it to do is to run the terminal command “lsof -i:8000”  to check if there are any processes running on port 8000. If YES, get the PIDs on all of those processes and kill them. If NOT, skip the killing of those processes. EITHER WAY, the next step would be to open Nicecast after a delay of 60 seconds.

Obviously open to other solutions.

payscale: $0 Can offer honorary membership.
job type: volunteer
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This job has been filled.

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