Linux system administrator - 3 yrs experience
June 17, 2014 5:05 AM

I have been part of a small team operating a large UK-based streaming media operation under a non-profit organisation, providing high-availability streaming radio and video services to large and small clients. Skills and experience developed over the past few years include:

- Working with a diverse range of Linux server systems, mainly CentOS but with some Debian and Ubuntu servers
- Virtualisation of a number of diverse systems using OpenVZ; also have experience of VMWare
- Installation and configuration from scratch of Apache, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Postfix, Icecast and various other services
- Server monitoring and maintenance: Munin, Monit, Nagios etc.
- Competence in bash scripting and automation of regular administrative tasks.

Good customer service skills, and a highly competent communicator via telephone, email and ticket systems. My other (non-tech) experience is mainly in the radio industry, where I have been in charge of the news and speech content of a local radio station as well as presenting shows, booking guests, interviewing, producing promos and commercials, as well as designing and maintaining the radio station's Wordpress website and Debian-based music playout server. As part of my work in community radio, I also have significant experience of training others in technical skills - in this case, training young people in the use of complex radio broadcast equipment to enable them to produce and present programming.

I am available for both contract and permanent work on an immediate basis. Currently based in the Yorkshire area of England but open to remote work or relocation (including overseas) should an appropriate opportunity arise. Full, clean EU driving licence. Contact me by MeFi Mail in the first instance, and we can exchange email/phone details that way to discuss things further.


job type: contract
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