modify older laptop also need help with two new computers
April 7, 2014 3:44 PM

I have three computers and I need in-person (not via phone or email) work on perhaps two of them, and instrux and guidance with all of them. I need to make my older desktop safe for the future so I can keep making money; then I need to make my piece of crap Windows 8 run better and act more like an adult computer; and I need help learning about the habits and potentialities of my new Samsung 10.1 Note tablet.

I work quickly and enjoyably on my older desktop (XP, with Adobe suite from roughly 2006-07) that I use for my pay-work; I REALIZE XP IS LEFT OUT IN COLD NOW, but it has never been connected to internet and that's why it works well for me and I want to continue with it. I want to clone the whole OS and also, for another reason, install a backup drive. If the computing universe forces me to give up this desktop (when it blows a motherboard or something), I will not be able to survive. I need a damn genie to determine that this baby will accommodate the new functions I need, tell me which drives to purchase, and then do those modifications plus give some instruction. Also, problems with my new laptop Win 8 (which I simply f***g loathe but had to buy it because I needed faster processor for my external drive with huge archive on it); and, finally, I need coaching about how to get more functionality from my Samsung 10.1 NOTE Tablet, Android 4.3 I need to know which apps are the best for certain things I need to do, when not to trust downloads, why the tablet acts weird sometimes, etc.

Is there someone in Sea. area who can do all these? for agreed upon charges or an estimate??
I would settle for finding different persons, but I prefer one all-in-one BRAINIAC !!

I'll look at responses while I'm out of town for a few days, then start responding back.

payscale: have no idea
job type: contract
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