Systems Architect
January 21, 2014 11:48 AM

The Oregon State University Open Source Lab has an immediate opening for a full-time systems architect. We're looking for someone to help us support some of the world's most well-known open source projects and to mentor the next generation of DevOps students.

This position is responsible for the design and architecture, deployment, and maintenance of the infrastructure, which includes servers, workstations, and network equipment. The position involves planning for future growth, designing network and system architecture for driving the OSL forward over time, maintaining Linux servers, databases, backups, web sites, code repositories, and other development tools used by our hosted partners.

You need to be comfortable in a mentoring role because you will oversee the efforts of student developers as you assist with system administration, documentation, and testing.


- Proficient with at least one yum-based and one apt-based Linux distribution of the following listed: RHEL, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora
- Familiar with relational database servers (MySQL or PostgreSQL especially), email administration, DNS, serving dynamic web applications (PHP, python or ruby especially), backups, network setup, performance scaling of websites and troubleshooting.
- Effective communication and interpersonal skills, demonstrated success in independent problem-solving, self-direction, and the ability to manage multiple tasks.
- Experience in mentoring students (or other coworkers) on system administration tasks, best practices and efficient work flow.

Preferred Qualifications:

- In-depth knowledge of open source software development / hosting practices and open source communities.
- Experience with configuration management systems such as Puppet, Chef or CFEngine. Experience with source control systems such as git or svn.
- Resourceful, with ability to work with limited resources. Past experience and involvement in one or more open source communities. Work experience in higher education.

For more information or to apply, please use job posting #0011839 on OSU's job site.

payscale: $2780-$7460 monthly, plus fringe benefits and pension
job type: full-time
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This job has been filled.

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