September 7, 2013 10:33 PM

I've been helping people like you put their content on optical disc for over twelve years now. I've worked on everything: AAA major studio titles, public domain dump-bin discs, episodic multi-disc sets, trendy fitness and self-help titles, and highly interactive discs for children.

At my day job, I'm moving on from shiny plastic discs. But at home, I can still help you put your content on a showcase format for posterity, as well as help you design menus and interactivity that end-users have come to expect from packaged media.

Distributing on DVD-R for Kickstarter backers? No problem—I can burn and label discs for you. Replicating for retail sell-through? I can make the required data files for your replication house.

Accurate estimates * Quality assured * Deadlines made

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