Front-end GUI developer (HTML, Javascript, ...) in BayArea [Mountain View off of Castro St]
August 30, 2013 1:16 PM

Tier-1 VC funded startup stuffed full of industry veterans ISO front end magicians.

We are located just off Castro St. in Mountain View, CA and about a block from Caltrain. Job is local - no remotes. We are all in one office and plan to keep it that way.

You are:

solid Javascript/HTML5/CSS developer with good framework experience (jquery/angular/backbone/etc.) and more importantly have scoped out what is out there so you can choose the right tool.

Portfolio matters more than technologies. We're building an application, not a website.

We are pretty open on the experience front - we are looking for people with architecting experience and people who are just getting started but have a great portfolio.

Start-up experience preferred or, if you don't know what that means, we want people who can deal with the realities of startup life. Having survived a previous round and asking for more is a good filter.

What you will be doing?

Your output is the most visible part of the product! Help us bring usability to enterprise cloud.

This is an opportunity to bring design and new levels of visibility to an enormous market of enterprise users. Forward-thinking UI engineers are wanted to work with UI/UX designers and deeply experienced industry engineers to bring a new vision of how things should be done: help build the system that will have our users saying, "I can't believe no one has done it this way before - this is the way to do it and the way it should always have been!"

You are agile enough to work at any point in the stack but have a passion for human-oriented, beautiful usability.

In addition to being the lead on development, lead responsibilities include selecting and creating the libraries and frameworks that are used by the rest of your engineering team to build all user-facing features and for turning needs and practices into a great front end.

The people we are looking for match these profiles:


Strong HTML and CSS Experience Expert-level Javascript (functional, patterns)

Deep experience shipping and supporting interfaces using common frameworks MVC experience (rails, etc.)

Working knowledge of XSS issues and prevention Understand how to profile and improve performance... and debug browser version issues

... with these goals in mind:

Make the best displays and interface that have ever been available for this market

Great displays of realtime updates and user-centered, context-aware displays and actions

... and these personality traits:

You want to build something completely new - not just a new instance of something that exists, but an entirely new tier in the software stack

You have a passion for creatively solving problems instead of following the last guy

You believe in documentation and testability

You have great communication skills - in person and written - we are all in one office, but we do a lot of documentation - we write down decisions and the outcome of discussions.

payscale: Competitive salary with generous equity
job type: full-time
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This job has been filled.

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