Seeking pragmatic idealist web developer. Smart as hell preferred.
July 1, 2013 1:44 PM

What You'll Do

- Build web applications from server to front-end
- Design next-generation services that scale as our platform grows explosively
- Test early and often, implement, refine and deliver intuitive user experiences you help shape
- Empower development on every platform by broadening the capabilities of our REST APIs

Skills & Requirements

You'll code full stack during the interview. Be experienced enough that this doesn't scare you.

Technologies we Use Today

- Java, AngularJS
- MySQL, MongoDB
- Jenkins, SVN


Reliable, tons of library support and our own background in financial services, security and *cough* advertising, honestly.

What about ${BETTER_TECH}?

Sure! Bring your expertise and enthusiasm, because we need to grow and the best idea in the room wins, period.

Tech we hope you're into: git, Akka, maven, hibernate, RoR and Ruby, PHP, .NET to name a few.

About Tinypass

Tinypass makes it ridiculously simple for content creators to ask for the support they need and for users to support the content they love. Founded by refugees from banking and advertising, we believe users should be treated like customers instead of products to be sold

We help content creators get paid, deliver premium experiences to their subscribers and escape the race to the bottom of ad-supported content by providing virtual tipjar, flexible and lightweight paywall and access control to streamable content.

If that mission sounds better to you than a new way to target ads or analyze marketing data, you'll love it here.

* Tinypass does not sponsor employment-based visas

payscale: DOE
job type: full-time
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