UI developer (Java/JavaScript)
January 21, 2013 4:08 PM

we're looking for someone to come in and be a part of our user interface development team (which is currently, uh, just me). You'll help maintain and improve the UIs for our existing products (Java Swing apps) as well as help design our next generation of UIs (browser-based, built with standard tools).

buzzword list which may be of use:

- Java - Swing, Spring MVC
- JavaScript - jQuery, backbone.js, underscore.js
- C
- Python
- Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP
- network security
- usability

I love working here, and there's plenty to do. Drop me a line if you think you can help out or you have any questions.

payscale: competitive?
job type: full-time
posted by xbonesgt to Software/QA/DBA/Etc

This job has been filled.

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