Software Security Engineer at Wikimedia Foundation (Wikipedia)
October 28, 2011 7:01 PM

The Wikimedia Foundation (the 93-person nonprofit that supports Wikipedia) writes a lot of MediaWiki, the software that Wikipedia runs on, and we maintain the servers it runs on. We want to safeguard the security of readers, of editors, and of other wiki administrators who run their own MediaWiki installations.

That's where you come in.

Job title

Software Security Engineer

Reports to

Director of Platform Engineering

Job Summary

Design and develop new features and enhance existing features of Wikimedia systems, with a particular focus on features requiring expertise in security (such as authentication and other handling of sensitive data).
Improve security, efficiency, scalability, stability and maintainability of Wikimedia systems.
Conduct security design and code reviews for Wikimedia employees and volunteer developers.
Perform software deployments to Wikimedia websites.
Collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders on design, development and testing.

Required Qualifications

5+ years of related work experience.
3+ years of experience building web applications.
B.S. or M.S. in Computer Science or related field or equivalent experience.
Extensive experience building large-scale server applications.
Proven track record finding and fixing software vulnerabilities.
Expert knowledge developing and debugging in Linux (LAMP) environments.
Excellent knowledge of PHP.
Excellent knowledge of MySQL and other relational databases.
Experience with operating system internals, filesystems, programming language design, compilers, distributed systems, or server architectures.

Additional Qualifications

Excellent knowledge of other scripting languages such as bash and Python a plus.
Experience working in an open source project.
Experience in the Wikipedia community a plus.
Experience managing an external security audit a major plus.
Experience with static analysis tools such as PHP-sat and PHP_CodeSniffer a major plus.
Experience with C/C++ debugging using open source tools like gdb and Valgrind a major plus.

Please provide URLs to any existing free software work you may have done (your own software or patches to other packages) if possible – we'd love to see what you can do! Let us know why this position interests you.

More information & how to apply here.

payscale: negotiable & competitive
job type: full-time
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This job has been filled.

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