.NET Web Developer
December 7, 2006 1:36 PM

using System;

namespace Financial.Research.Company
class WebDeveloper

public string JobDescription
get { return @"
Are you working for a boss that doesn't understand the technical issues you
are facing? Is your machine so underpowered that you bring in your own
laptop to work on? Need to be a little more autonomous? Not getting the
recognition you deserve? Enjoy esoteric conversations over lunch?

If any of the above apply, here's a great opportunity for you. This is a
chance to join a small development team for an independent financial research
company based in New York City. Your role will be quite flexible, working on
a variety of different projects. The team is always open to new ideas, with
opportunities to work on side projects that you think might have value to the
"; }

public Computer Environment
get { return new VeryFastComputer("w/ Dual Screen Monitors"); }

public string Location
get { return "Midtown, New York"; }

public string[] RequiredSkills
get { return new string[] {"C#", "ASP.Net"}; }

public string[] PreferredExperience
get { return new string[] {
"Microsoft CMS", "SQL Server", "XSLT", "JavaScript",
"Design Patterns", "Technical Architecture", "UX Design"

public WebDeveloper(string[] experience, string fromAddress, string pathToResume)
Email application = new Email();
application.From = fromAddress;

// Here's the challenge - You'll need to decrypt the company name
// to work out where to send the application. The class name gives the
// game away :)
string company = Rot13Encoder.Decrypt("perqvgfvtugf");

// Don't forget to include the source code that you used to
// decrypt the company name above :)

application.Send("itcareers@" + company + ".com");

payscale: At least e^11, more with appropriate skills and experience
job type: full-time
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This job has been filled.

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