Systems Engineer possibly looking to relocate
August 26, 2011 11:41 AM

Hi. I'm Gabe, a Linux systems engineer with about ten years of experience. I enjoy working for startup companies, I even had one of my own a few years ago. I have lots of experience supporting small to medium-sized web application stacks- LAMP, Java/Tomcat, Ruby on Rails / Passenger as well as Python/Tornado. I have some experience with Amazon EC2 and the Rackspace cloud but would like to get more. Likewise, I've been playing with Chef recently but would definitely like to get some more experience with Chef or Puppet in a large "web-scale" environment. Database-wise, I have quite a bit of experience with MySQL, sqlite and PostgreSQL and some with MongoDB and CouchDB. Most of my development experience is PHP and perl but I'm working on my Python chops lately, so I'd like to work somewhere that uses it. I could rattle off more technologies I've worked with, but I think you get the gist. More importantly- I write good documentation, don't have an abrasive personality, like to work hard and can learn new things quickly and easily. I'm open to relocation. I prefer the Bay area over the East coast, but would consider the latter for a sufficiently compelling offer.

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