MSSQL DBA - Orlando, FL Permanent
April 15, 2010 12:12 PM

Oh, Hi!

We are a MS shop looking for an immediate hire of a resourceful and driven MS SQL developer. You would be working in a fast paced, small team (6 folks) environment developing and refining software solutions for a big (15k or so employees) media company.

You would be working in MSSQL 10 (2008), MSSQL 9 (2005), and supporting a few legacy systems from MSSQL 8. You would be primarily involved in architecting schema, refining schema, making procs, refining procs, and hey if there's free time -- sure, why not try to gain some more efficiency?

Rest of your team is mainly C#. Requirements run fast and furious -- some projects are ever mutating, even while they are in production. Do not apply if you are faint of heart for modifying your architected schema if new requirements come running down the pipe. If you know your way around a little C#, that would be a bonus.

We are a laid back small set of dudes out in Maitland. Casual enough in spirit but dedicated to getting the job done on time.

You'd probably get in with a 90 day or so probationary that would then graduate to full time.

payscale: consumerate with exp
job type: full-time
posted by cavalier to Architect/Engineer/CAD

This job has been filled.

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