Senior Perl Hacker
October 8, 2006 4:18 PM

We’re a well funded Albany start-up, looking for an experienced and enterprising hacker with a desire to work on "Web 2.0" projects for the New Zealand (and wider) market. (Yes, we know that "Web 2.0" means different things to different people.)

We’re about to launch a nationwide beta of our first NZ-targeted product, and we have several other projects in mind. That is where you come in.

This is the classic start-up experience, involving dedicated people who live, think and dream technology. It will involve solving interesting problems in new ways, doing a lot of work, and hopefully having a lot of fun, while bringing new products to market in a very fast-paced environment.

We're also flexible with compensation (equity vs. salary slider), and we'll tailor a package to meet your experience and expectations.

You must be in Auckland, or willing to be here within a week of being offered a gig. We may be able to help with work permit arrangements (as this job is on the shortage list, permits are fairly easy to arrange), but we'd strongly prefer someone who's already authorized to work here.

Who Will I Be Working With?

You'll be the fourth member of our team, which currently numbers three: one developer, one designer, and the guy who pays the bills.

As well as this senior position, we’re adding a more junior developer in the next month or so as well.

We’re a seasoned team and are very serious about the business – the first two people are imports from the USA, who’ve put in time at some of the oldest and best known companies on the www. The guy who pays the bills has successfully founded, built and subsequently sold web companies in New Zealand going into the last millennium.

We've got a top team here, and are looking for top talent to expand it. If you are the go-to guy (or gal) in your organisation who enjoys making decisions as well as executing on them, isn't afraid to speak your mind, and likes playing with new technologies, you'll fit right in.

What Technologies?

Our current environment is typical LAMP, consisting primarily of perl 5 programs running via FastCGI and SpeedyCGI on Apache 2.0.x. We use MySQL to manage our data store. All of this runs on top of CentOS, which is essentially RedHat Linux.

We are open to other options and technology, if they solve more problems than they cause.

Am I The One?

Only time and scrutiny will tell. Our ideal candidate will have some of these attributes:

- Speaks, reads and writes English fluently. A second language would be advantageous, but isn't a requirement.

- Has 5-10 years of experience developing and/or operating commercial web applications based on Linux, MySQL and Apache. Experience with well-known, high-traffic, 24x7 sites is a huge plus.

- Has 5 or more years experience with Perl 5, especially in a, mod_perl, or HTML::Mason environment. Don't worry about Fast/SpeedyCGI -- you'll pick that up quickly. Some expertise with the perl DBI interface is a big plus (but we'd be surprised if you had 5 years of perl without it).

- Has some skill with HTML, Javascript, AJAX and/or PHP.

- Has at least a passing interest in Ruby, Rails and/or Python.

- Reads techcrunch, mashable, slashdot and similar websites on a regular basis to keep on top of news and information. Bonus points if you're tuned into OnStartups, Ventureblog, Paul Graham's essays, and other content aimed at startups and the people who love them.

- Can pick up and start using new technology quickly.

- Isn't afraid to work outside of their job description.

How To Apply:

Send something resembling a cover letter and your CV in plain text, HTML or PDF format, and a sample of perl code that you have written to: If you've ever participated in an Open Source project, please let us know about that. If you've got a web site, blog or other presence on the Internet, please include a link to it, too.

It wouldn't hurt if you told us what "Web 2.0" means to you, and what your favorite sites are (whether they fit the 2.0 label or not).

payscale: competitive, dependent on your equity stake
job type: full-time
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This job has been filled.

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