Media Relations specialist (Job ID: 62770; close date 6/16/09 )
June 9, 2009 1:12 PM

The Media Relations and Communications department oversees internal and external communications at Sandia, involving a variety of audiences including employees and the news media. The department employs a variety of communications tools, including print products, internal and external websites, and new media. The department’s products include Lab News, Lab News Interactive, Sandia Daily News, LeaderWire,, Morning Media Report, Annual Report, Sandia Technology, Labs Accomplishments, and the employee Feedback program. Department staff handle more than 1,000 media interactions a year, write and issue news releases, and serve as official Sandia spokespeople. The department also provides communications support to the Emergency Operations Center.

Job Opening: An opening exists for a media relations specialist. The ideal candidate will have a broad communications background, a passion for news and news writing, experience working in media relations for a large organization, and experience working in the news media, whether print or broadcast. The job’s primary duties will be to respond to requests for information from the news media and to serve as a spokesperson for the laboratory. This will entail developing a thorough understanding of Sandia’s mission work and working closely with Sandia executive management and technical experts to gather information and to present it in a clear and professional manner. The job also will require the writing, editing and issuing of news releases, as well as writing for Sandia publications to include the Lab News employee newspaper, Annual Report, and Sandia Technology science magazine. The job requires teaming with other department staff on a variety of communications projects and an absolute ability to meet hard deadlines. The successful candidate will be required to be certified as an emergency public information officer, which will entail completion of several classes taught on site and regular participation in emergency drills and exercises.

Required: Undergraduate degree in communications, journalism, English or related field, and experience working in public affairs/media relations or with the news media. Experience writing/editing professional publications, including corporate communications products, professional journals, or newspapers. The successful candidate must provide samples of his or her writing and editing abilities and may be required to take a writing test. Must meet strict publication deadlines. Ability to prioritize work and work independently as well as in a team environment. Must have good negotiating skills, demonstrate excellent project-management abilities, and be able to work with a variety of people at all levels inside Sandia. The successful candidate must have a good understanding of Sandia's work, including its primary programs and mission areas. Experience in corporate communication planning, including the ability to develop and help implement communication plans and campaigns.

Desired: Master’s degree in communications, journalism, English or related field. Thorough understanding of how print, broadcast, and web-based media operate, including their need for accurate and timely information. An understanding of New Mexico news media, and experience working with national and international news media. Interest in, and ideally, experience using social media tools, such as blogs, microblogging, podcasts, and social networking.

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(Job ID: 62770; close date 6/16/09 )

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