Seeking internet savvy fitness expert
May 30, 2009 1:02 PM

WorkoutBOX is a brand new fitness website providing accessible workouts and exercises for the masses. We have just launched the beta version of the site and plan to add many more features in the coming months.

What makes us different?

WorkoutBOX is not just your average fitness website. We have combined modern web technologies with our extensive fitness knowhow to build a powerful website that makes working out and fitness simple for all.

1. We have the best looking workouts on the internet. They are simple to understand, yet provide all the information the reader needs.
2. Each workout contains embedded exercise videos, so users can see exactly how the exercises should be performed.
3. All workouts and exercises are stored in a custom built database and we have built a special Workout Builder wizard which allows us to add new workouts in minutes. It requires no technical knowledge whatsoever.

How does WorkoutBOX make money?

• Currently all the content on the site is free and accessible to all. This will soon change when we introduce the WorkoutBOX Pro membership level in late July.
• With WorkoutBOX Pro users will have to pay a small monthly subscription to access the more advanced workouts on the site. A subscription costs only $3 per month and will unlock all the advanced workouts that are no longer available to the public.

Who is behind WorkoutBOX?

Currently Team WorkoutBOX consists of:
• Simon Turner - a IT expert and keen fitness enthusiast
• Travis Steffen – a professional MMA fighter and Olympic weightlifting coach
• Paul Johnson - a fully qualified personal trainer.

Our progress so far:

1. Since the site went live in early January our traffic has been doubling each month and we will very soon reach 40,000 monthly uniques.
2. We are ranked top 3 on for many search terms including - “Workout Routines”, “Muscle Building Workout”, “Ab Workout”, “Fat Burning Workouts”, “Back Workouts”, “Arm Workout”, “Exercise Routines”. Our Google rankings are climbing by the day…
3. On top of this we are receiving organic traffic from over 6000 other keywords and have already been featured on here.

What are we looking for?

The key to WorkoutBox’s success is our well presented database of workouts and exercises. The larger our site, the more members we will attract and the more profitable we will become. To do this, we need your help…

We’re looking to expand our team and recruit web savvy fitness experts to help enlarge the workout database, offering many more routines and catering for people from literally all backgrounds. The role would include:

• Creating new workout routines
• Creating new exercises
• Helping out in the forum, answering questions and general moderation.
• Helping out with marketing and promotion

The role would initially require 10 - 15 hours a week but would move into a permanent position once the business establishes itself.

What can we offer you?

• Initially the position would be voluntary. This allows us to confirm that we are all happy working with each other before we put anything in stone.
• We would then be happy to negotiate an equity share in the business along with a monthly salary.

So if you are a fitness expert with a flair for the web and all this sounds of interest to you, then please do get in touch. You can email us at jointheteam [at]

We look forward to hearing from you.

Simon Turner

WorkoutBOX Team
where online fitness is simple

payscale: Negotiable
job type: part-time
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