Librarian - Instituto Chileno Norteamericano
September 5, 2007 11:03 AM

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Jefe del Centro de Informacion y Biblioteca

Posicion del cargo en la organizacion:

* Area: Cultural.
* Unidad: Biblioteca.
* Reporta a: Director Ejecutivo.

Objetivo del cargo:

Planifica, coordina, organiza y dirige las actividades del Centro de Informacion y Biblioteca (CIB).

Educacion y Experiencia:

Estudios de Bibliotecologia (minimo dos anos). Tres anos de experiencia realizando tareas similares a las del cargo.

Conocimientos especializados en:

* Bilingue.
* Sistema de organizacion de biblioteca.
* Tecnicas de investigacion y busqueda de informacion.
* Politicas y procedimientos de Biblioteca.
* Conocimiento computacional alto nivel usuario.

My friend adds:

The job would be in Santiago, 45 hours a week. The person should speak Spanish, and the pay would be competitive with what Chileans make, at least twice the national average, and maybe up to five times as much. It's a wide margin, between 500,000 and 1,000,000 pesos a month. (approx $1-2k) Ideally, the person has two years of studies in library... something, a master's is probably not necessary, 3 years of experience. They have to know cataloguing, research, library policy and procedures and a high level of computer expertise (forgive me if these are not the terms of art, this just came across my desk in Spanish, and I don't know English library terms). We're not looking to maintain, rather to develop resources and services.

payscale: $1-2K USD/month
job type: full-time
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