Facilitate the next Einstein - consult, find scholarship, etc.
December 15, 2017 5:55 PM

My nephew is a genius level savant, currently 15 years old and completing high school in Tajikistan. I am not exaggerating, he is going to be someone world famous for some huge important science breakthrough in 20 years.

He attends the only remaining Soviet-quality elite STEM high school in Dushanbe. In addition he is an autodidact in a constant haze of learning, thinking, reading and writing. He is teaching his peers in math and physics because he is more knowledgeable than the teachers. He has been to the International Science Olympiad multiple times in the last few years. When he started competing at age 12 he won bronze (not age restricted, this was against the oldest kids), and since then he always got silver or gold.

Just incidentally, on the side, he has become a fluent English speaker, writes plays and poetry, etc., etc.

By rights this kid should be able to get a choice of full scholarship to the best STEM universities in the world.

Here's the problem. His immediate family is from Soviet era. They have nurtured his education but they are monolingual Russian and ignorant of the West, they have no idea of how to make their son's university education happen. I have no idea how to make this happen.

So this is a potentially big job, but also very very personally rewarding for the right person.

He needs a mentor and facilitator familiar with the application and scholarship processes for these world-class STEM centres who can know what needs to be done and then help walk him and his family through it.

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