IT Service Manager/Customer Care/Desktop Support in Portland OR
June 19, 2017 9:56 PM

Leaving behind 12 great years of managing service operations across the Pacific NW with Apple's biggest North American service provider, I'm looking to join a rad new team. I work optimally in a small-to-medium business environment, leading or contributing to a group that prioritizes good communication and cares about great work, in a role that allows freedom for creative problem-solving.

A dyed-in-the-wool Apple/Mac guy since the 80's (that's been a rollercoaster, lemme tell you), I've since grown to be technologically ambidextrous when it comes to Windows/*NIX/Android and am happy to use and support a wide variety of platforms. However, my certification base is strongest in Apple (with 19 distinct certifications across ACMT, ACiT, ACTC, ACSP, APP, etc going back 10+ years), with a "minor" in networking.

So here's my jam! I think a wide portfolio of skills and experiences opens up doors to solving problems that a single-track background would miss. For example: to conceive, deploy, and continually report on a total Service Department revamp I rolled out a few years ago, I used my experience in everything from web development and CMSes, to MDM, to information design principles, to project management of software platform development, to photography, video editing, and audio engineering! Big projects encompass multiple disciplines, and diverse experience helps enormously if you want the pieces to all click together -- especially with a project that requires everyone's buy-in.

In other words, I geek out on tons of stuff, and I love fitting it all together to make a project fly.

At this point I care a lot more about finding the right team in the right company than I care about having the Right Job Title. I've supported end users directly, and I've managed both single teams within a department at a single location as well as dozens across the entire Western US, and I find each satisfying in its own way. I don't mind proving my chops on the job and don't necessarily need be hired into a leadership role.

Managing teams that offer premier support experiences to end users is my forte. But I'm also great as a one-man Helpdesk/IT Lead in a school or a small business, as a project manager for a software company, as a content editor for a new media venture, or anything in between.

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