Android Phone Consultant
February 2, 2017 9:54 AM

I'm part of a small team that needs to test an Android app. Problem is, we're all iPhone users. So we need you to:

1. advise us (in addition to this great advice) as we find and buy test devices (phones only, no tablet necessary). Probably four or five total.

2. update (if necessary) the Android version on all devices to a varied mixture of versions

3. load our beta app onto the devices, and ensure basic operability

4. Answer minor Android support questions as they arise (not much of this; we're ONLY using the devices to test the app).

5. Either genuinely give a crap about our project (which is actually interesting, unique, and fun) or else do a good job of pretending. We're all nice, positive people and need you to be, too! :)

You must be in continental US, preferably NYC tristate. And we'll need you to de-cloak your identity.

payscale: $300
job type: part-time
posted by Quisp Lover to Technical Support

This job has been filled.

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