Fulltime IT Business Analyst, DFW
August 27, 2015 9:39 PM

Exigo’s Business Analysts (BAs for short) support over 70 Direct Selling and Network Marketing businesses all over the world. Our clients rely on Exigo’s sofware and services to run every aspect of their business. Exigo BAs make that happen by jumping right into the middle of the chaos. We spend our days reading tickets and emails, fielding conference calls with CIOs and CEOs… all while wrangling requirements into functional tasks that our very talented and very busy programmers can use.

What your day looks like:
•Analyze change requests submitted by our clients, converting them into solid requirements that a developer can use to provide estimates
•Set expectations and help clients plan for software changes that meet their specific business needs
•Run conference calls, write executive summaries, write testing plans
•Design mockups and document use cases
•Brainstorm with Business and IT stakeholders
•Analyze integration guides and 3rd-party software specifications

At the intersection of business and technology.

Technical ability and IT experience are important, but they’ll only get you so far.

This job might be the job for you if:

You really enjoy problem solving. Nothing satisfies you more than taking some vague, poorly understood problem and turning it into a win. When others are still arguing about whether it’s time to think outside the box, you’ve already started building a new box.

You’re a certain kind of people person. You aren’t merely nice or friendly, but you do get a massive kick out of helping disparate groups overcome their communication differences and reach lasting consensus. That one time, when you helped the Business people and the IT people agree to the same solution? That’s you, EVERY DAY.

You want to conquer the world.
Really crazy challenges are your catnip. You’re comfortable jumping right into the middle of something with basically no information and “sorting it all out”, because that’s just how you do.

Passionate about your work. You’re always looking for better ways to do your job, to solve problems. You happily and enthusiastically share your successes and you’re not afraid to admit when you’ve failed because you know how valuable those lessons are too.

You have a healthy relationship with Process. You know how important it is to have good processes, good ways to get technical work done. You also understand when it’s right to stick to the path, and when it’s time to make an exception.

You are The Best Communicator. You speak with clarity. Your writing is economical and essential. You can explain almost anything to almost anyone, and you can do it on the phone, in a crowded conference room, in a chat, or one-on-one.

You’re the IT equivalent of a lion tamer. You are calm under pressure. You can think on your feet. It’s almost impossible to ruffle your feathers. When people start getting all hot and bothered, you keep it cool.

But What Does It REALLY Take?

This is a Custom Software gig.

You need to have some experience with that sort of thing. That usually means you’ve spent 1 - 2 years in an IT support role. Being comfortable working with MS-SQL is a big plus. Having MLM industry experience is also big plus. Having a combination of these things? Even better.

•Unlimited free Starbucks coffee
•Exercise gym
•Great medical and dental insurance
•Matching 401(k)
•Competitive Salary

Job Type: Full-time

Required experience:
•MLM/Direct Selling Industry: 1 year

payscale: $45,000 - $60,000
job type: full-time
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