DevOps engineer
April 23, 2014 2:46 PM

Signal Vine, LLC is an exciting company that is growing quickly and looking for our next technical hire. We are building an incredible company that helps solve social issues with technology. We recognize that the key to our growth and success is hiring great people. Our ideal candidate for this position is someone who has the enthusiasm for creative problem solving, but maintains the dedication and focus to achieve desired results.

We are looking for an engineer to continue the development of our innovative messaging platform that is being used by educational organizations to reach today’s youth. Our platform enables organizations to achieve their goals by allowing them to engage their students in a way that is natural and easy for both parties.

Our stack is primarily Haskell, Scala, JavaScript, Git running on EC2 and Ubuntu. We are looking for someone that wants to be responsible for our applications runtime environments. This runs the gamut from ensuring that code can be reliably deployed without obvious bugs to being able to scale our cloud resource in response to heavy load. The primary focus of the engineering work will be systems automation, and working with the platform team to ensure application metrics can be collected alongside systems metrics.

You will have a lot of autonomy over how you spend your time, and what to work on, but there are some high priority items that we want to tackle first.

Immediate responsibilities…

Build out our CI infrastructure (currently TeamCity/Github)
Automate application deployment
Manage our EC2 resources


Love automation
Have used continuous integration tools before
Are familiar with Unix/Ubuntu
Have used or are ready to learn any of puppet/chef/docker/flynn/nix & hydra
Live in the Washington D.C. metro-area or are willing to relocate here

It'd be cool if you...

Have experience with various EC2 services
Can write automated browser tests
Have experience with Haskell/Scala
Are interested in working on our other core technologies
Have public examples of projects you've completed

We will...

Pay a competitive salary with benefits like health insurance, and an opportunity to receive equity
Buy you a shiny new MacBook Pro
Respect your work schedule and habits by focusing on results
Offer you a chance to go on an exciting ride as the company grows
Challenge you to do excellent work

payscale: 65-75k
job type: full-time
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