Traffic Manager
February 2, 2007 12:25 PM

Nerve Media, the award-winning online publishing company, is looking for a full-time traffic manager who has at least two years of experience in / exposure to advertising. The new ad traffic manager will work closely with the ad sales department to execute successful online ad campaigns and enhance Nerve’s advertising relationships by providing exceptional service to our advertising clients. We’re looking for a highly motivated, dynamic person who has a knack for detail, organization, patience and communication with others and is a problem solver.

The winning candidate must be someone who can deftly and diplomatically coordinate long-term, multi-faceted campaign projects, is comfortable switching back and forth between several tasks at once without making mistakes and has excellent time-management skills. This person will enjoy using numbers to solve problems but will also generate creative solutions on their own and, when that fails, is willing to work through issues with our third party ad serving customer service center. The winning candidate needs to be excited about the future of online media and have a solid understanding of and interest in interactive advertising.

The traffic manager will be responsible for maintaining an advertising schedule, communicating with advertising clients and their traffic mangers throughout all stages of a campaign, receiving and testing creatives, uploading and monitoring ads using 24/7 Real Media OAS, working to optimize campaign performances, compiling reports for clients, keeping track of advertising inventory, monitoring campaign delivery and handling insertion orders and payments. This person will work with Nerve’s graphic designers to create and send Nerve Media’s weekly newsletters and dedicated emails. If an ad buy includes an event, such as a film screening, premiere or party, the traffic manager will help our graphic designers create the invitation, will be responsible for sending the invite and will work with our event planners to make sure the event goes smoothly. The ad trafficker will also coordinate with our IT department to create new methods of ad delivery and refine existing ones.

Candidates must be skilled in Microsoft Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Word and so on. Knowledge of HTML, Photoshop, Flash and Javascript extremely helpful. Knowledge of OAS or another ad serving software also very helpful but not mandatory.

Nerve Media offers a casual but very hard-working environment with great opportunities for advancement, including the possibility of moving to an ad sales position.

Compensation: Base salary: $40,000 to $50,000, depending on level of experience, plus bonuses and benefits.

Please Note! You must have at least two years of experience in / exposure to advertising, online experience preferred. This job requires precision and attention to detail – please do not apply if this is not you.

Special Instructions:
Please email cover letter and resume to with subject line TRAFFIC MANAGER. (If your subject line doesn’t say Traffic Manager we might miss your email.)
No phone calls please.
** This job is not for you if you have had no prior advertising experience.**

payscale: $40,000 to $50,000, depending on level of experience, plus bonuses and benefits
job type: full-time
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