SysAdmin / Help Desk for Small Local Company
October 11, 2013 2:19 PM

Plan FY budgeting for hardware, software, licensing, and service renewals.
Interact with vendors for service installation and maintenance contracts.
Purchase IT supplies and consumables as needed, work with vendors to secure contract pricing and deals.
Work with operational group leaders in sourcing and purchasing of any hardware and software platforms necessary for business development.

Purchase, provision, maintain, and retire onsite datacenter assets.
Maintain connectivity and performance to on site and cloud based servers.
Plan, implement, and test backup systems to ensure onsite and offsite data redundancy.
Monitor and audit user access to ensure data security.
Responsible for power systems and onsite battery backups. Physical presence for power outages and downtime.

End User Systems and Devices
Purchase, provision, distribute, maintain, secure, and retire all end user systems.
License and support all software solutions on end user systems.
Support and secure BYOD systems including employee tablets, phones, and other devices.
Engage in end user license audits to ensure compliance.
Support remote users with connectivity to internal systems and local resources.

Install, test, and terminate internal wired network points. Manage wireless security and availability for end users.
Secure network perimeter with appropriate firewalls and access.
Interact with outside vendors for billing, service installation/maintenance for internet and inter-office networking.
Enforce end user computer access rules compliance via filtering and DPI, prioritize bandwidth for core business functions.

Phone System
Maintain reliable service via contracted vendors.
Move service locations as users relocate. Install and maintain new wired service locations.
Support phone system software for end user use.

Customize forms and pages according to business use needs. Coordinate with end users to manipulate NetSuite processes into usable results for users.
Write all custom form scripting (JS) and adhoc reports/searches as needed.
Perform data imports for inventory creation, annual inventory adjustments, and other business needs.

Install, maintain, configure, and secure company websites.
Manage social media presence points and access for users.
Work with retail staff to update and maintain ecommerce products and offerings.
Coordinate with marketing groups to create, publish, and distribute marketing materials to customers.

payscale: $35,000 - $45,000
job type: full-time
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