A Secretary with extra duties in events planning or writing in New York City.
September 3, 2010 5:02 PM

For the past ten-plus years, I've been that ubiquitous creature in New York -- a theater person with a day job. But -- I've not been a actress. However - what I have done could serve very well as "training" for other duties called for in the corporate world:

1. I'm a stage manager, which I have once described to someone as "kind of like a secretary only I work with sillier objects." Stage managers facilitate all the different aspects of a production have to produce things and lead a team to produce things on a set schedule. We also oversee each performance of a show, overseeing -- or doing -- the setup, performance, and after-show cleanup, coordinating with stagehands, ushers, actors, and audience. We also are responsible for trouble-shooting and problem-solving on the fly. We also have some technical expertise, from running lights or sound equipment.

2. I'm also a literary manager, which calls for a lot of writing, reading, editing, and proofreading.

3. Finally, I have a regular writing gig, writing short articles for a theater company in Pennsylvania, one I've held for the past seven years.

As for the secretarial experience -- I have that in spades. I have worked in media, television, finance, law, education, nonprofits, and finance, and have done so for over twelve years. The television position also called for me to do web content writing, sales, and program proposal writing. I am an expert at all MS Office programs, and know some basic HTML and Quark.

I don't so much have a preference for what field I work in, so much as I'd love to find a secretarial position SOMEWHERE that will let me combine all of these disparate elements into a single job -- either a secretarial job who does a hell of a lot of writing, or a special events assistant who types and files and, oh yeah, is on the team for planning out the big corporate event but does more for the team aside from JUST type and file (i.e., "come up with the plan for scheduling when we bring in the food" or "meet with the designers in the function hall and work out how long it'll take them to hang the decorations", etc).

Basically, I've been a temp for twelve years and would like to not be a temp anymore, and the things that I did when I wasn't temping would make me a unique candidate for someone somewhere.

job type: contract
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