Wedding Photo Assistance
May 15, 2018 8:40 PM

My husband and I are feeling overwhelmed by our wedding pictures. There are so many amazing pictures, but getting them sorted feels like a monumental organizational challenge.

What we're looking for:
-Someone who has experience organizing wedding photos into a beautiful album. In our ideal world, we'll select the photos (150-200), then you'll arrange them in a classy online wedding album template that we can have printed. We don't currently have an attachment to a particular site, so if you have an idea, that would be wonderful!

-As part of the same job, we'd love to have our selected pictures moved into a video/file format with music that we can easily share with friends and family. We'd like this to have a fun, classic, creative vibe.

-I have limited technical range. I'll need a bit of help figuring out how to share this many photos with you, etc. I mostly hand photos to people on a flash drive or email one or two at a time, so a bit of patience will be required. :)

-I'd love to do an initial phone consultation to make sure we're on the same page.

Thank you so much!

payscale: 200.00
job type: contract
posted by WaspEnterprises to Art/Media/Design

This job has been filled.

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