Senior Linux sysadmin in San Jose CA
November 5, 2016 4:26 AM

Looking for Linux sysadmin or similar (DevOps, System Engineer, SRE) job/contract-to-hire.

I am talented, capable, both analytical *and* creative, and hungry to get back to work and help you get more out of your Linux investment. Send me MefiMail and I'll send/ point you to my resume.

My story: I was a rockstar programmer out of school 35 years ago. I hear that some of my code is still in use today, helping chip fabs keep track of their wafers. Later moved into OpenVMS sysadmin roles. In the pre-cloud days I spent time as an IT Manager and an Operations Manager. Frequently complimented on how smoothly and quietly my function ran. Installed more help desk ticketing software than I care to remember. But my first, best destiny is being a sysadmin. Once I get going at a site, troubles get troubleshot and 'everything just seems to work now'.

I've administered OpenVMS, Ultrix, HP/UX, Solaris and, over the past 15 years, mostly Linux machines. I've run RHEL/CentOS at work and I run Xubuntu LTS at home. I bash with the best of them. I've built RPM packages and kickstart files.

I taught myself C and Oracle 30 years ago, Visual Basic and SQL 25 years ago, Perl 10 years ago and Docker, PHP, Python and Ansible more recently.
Been doing virtualization since I installed and ran SoftWindows on an HP workstation in the late 90's and run VMware from Workstation to vSphere. I run KVM and now Docker in my home lab.

I was creating and running high-availability VMS clusters in the 80's. I once moved an entire VAXcluster (think 8 refrigerators and 8 washing machines, connected by lots of very thick underfloor cabling) across a datacenter, keeping the service live throughout. I've managed Sun Grid Engine systems and used mod_gearman to distribute Nagios checks across worldwide data centers. Speaking of Nagios and mod_gearman, I got that Nagios site down from an insane 25-minute check cycle down to below 5 minutes without changing the site's complex and time-intensive checks themselves.

I'm out of work because I got sick a while back and I hadn't recovered sufficiently by the end of my medical leave. I'm all better now, but I am still confined to a wheelchair for the near to medium term. I depend on the local paratransit to get around, so I can't really commute outside of the Santa Clara county range. Can't lift 50 lbs., can't rack-and-stack, can't travel.

And sadly, my web-fu and webserver-fu is weak. I tended to be assigned non-web sysadmin roles over the past decade. Wasn't a problem at the time as those jobs seemed to be plentiful; now they aren't. What a difference a year makes. I've made great progress and continue to work hard on getting up to speed on these topics in my home lab and using free AWS and OpenShift accounts.

My talent and skill are going to waste sitting at home. I am easy to work with and have a great sense of humor. I do have a Silicon Valley-size salary requirement, but I try to keep it in the below-average range. I've worked all over the place -- the phone company, a national lab, a local university, and many startups (including one which is now a big non-Silicon valley company). I'm interested in helping you get your Linux systems working smoothly. Please consider me for your next job opening.

job type: contract
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